Pinot Harvest | Peter Cargasacchi: 2009 Vintage. Ready, Set, GO!!!

Wes Hagen: The Plan is Coming Together!

I’m feeling really excited today, and ironically, far less anxious than my relative period of calm.

Saturday was going to be our first day of harvest, so Friday’s schedule was to be at the vaunted LA Country Club for a tasting/sales event–and when the Clubhouse Manager asked, how about 8 am for a round on the North Course.  Ladies and Gents:  The North Course at LACC is likely the greatest course in the US never to have hosted a US Open.  This is how dedicated I am…giving up a chance to duff the LACC to pick the 2008 Pinot Noir for the Ojai Vineyard.  I’m really excited to start hearing the chorus of snips and the Mexican radio station.  Seriously.  I’m ready.  Let’s make some flippin’ wine!

This will NOT be my ball Friday.
I`d rather see my wife, Chanda, sorting on the bin trailer!

Since last night we’ve scheduled 5 picks for this and next week.

Things are starting to rock and I feel like I have a real purpose again!  Bins and fermenters are scrubbed and white, buckets are stacked and clean.  The new winery is spotless, the crusher and press are WAY too clean, brand spanking new, never-been-used.  We have a great adventure awaiting us…and it looks like it may start in less than 18 hours!

Bring it on!  Golf’s for old men anyways!  (Grrr….North Course, mumble mumble…)